Hello and welcome

Dia duit agus fáilte.

My name is Patrick and I live and work in Ireland.

I am passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope and transformation that it brings to individuals, families and communities. 

I am committed to sharing the gospel, a life of discipleship and participation in simple Christian community all toward advancing the kingdom in our day. (I am also active and interested in issues of sustainability, poverty & suffering alleviation, discrimination, social justice and development).

This is my personal website dedicated to sharing my journey, ministry, perspectives and news.

Thank you for visiting. 🙂


good news

All over the world this gospel is growing and bearing fruit

just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God’s grace in all its truth.

the amazing gospel story

Amazing Gospel Story
AGS – God’s divine love and plan for the world in and through Jesus. 

Web Site Launched

The ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ is a unique visual approach to presenting and teaching the full gospel in a simple and clear way using fifty artistically drawn images and symbols.

The approach was developed over a number of years, being trialed and applied during ministry in range of contexts and situations including international and cross cultural settings.

A dedicated web-site has been developed incorporating a video message of the ‘Amazing Gospel Story’ with a planned follow on course to assist people to  go deeper into the gospel, the foundations of faith and discipleship life, and a range of resources have been produced to assist others in exploring, learning, sharing and teaching the gospel.

Please see the link below for further details.

Amazing Gospel Story Web Site