A disciple on a mission 

The gospel of Jesus Christ is so amazing.  God’s divine love and plan for humanity has been made known in a unique way through the person, life, teachings and works of Jesus Christ. 

I am passionate about communicating the gospel and making Christ known to others (who are open hearted) and I have had the privilege of assisting and witnessing many people coming to a living faith in Jesus and begin a new spiritual journey.  

The first believers and followers of Jesus were called his ‘disciples’. I am committed to living the life of a disciple – apprentice of Jesus the Master, learning to live his way of life and doing his works, and helping others in this journey also.

God’s plan to build his living ‘temple’ or dwelling place on the earth is a key part of the gospel, and my heart is to see simple communities of witnessing disciples modelled on the gospels and early church. 

The advancement and coming of the kingdom is at the heart of  and fruit of the gospel mission of God, and as a believer I am committed to the values of the Kingdom and seeing transformation in society.  (I am especially active and interested in issues of sustainability, poverty, equality, social justice and development).

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My faith story 


Born in Dublin Ireland I grew up in a large Irish family and predominantly ‘working class’ and catholic community and culture, which laid important values and a basic Christian understanding in my life. 

At the age of sixteen I disengaged from participation in the ‘church’ and mass and began a new road in my journey of faith with a firm belief in God, a healthy moral compass and a desire to explore and seek truth. 

Some years later at the age of 23,  after recovering from a severe illness, I came to a place of clarity and conviction about the gospel and my need and wish to follow Jesus, which lead to a radical change in my life and future direction. 

The journey was to include all the roller coaster experiences of life and many adventures of faith and difficult times along they way and the story is still unfolding. You can read more about my story here.

My Story (Under Construction)